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Reasons To Use Automated Fuses In The Home

Fuses are devices that are used to protect the more expensive electrical components in your home from overheating. They generally consist of low resistance wires or metals that can be used in order to close a circuit. This means that when there is too much electrical current flowing through these low resistance metals, the element will melt. This will cause the current to break. As a result, the excess current is not able to continue through the circuit and cause damage to the more expensive components in the electrical system.

Automated fuses can also help keep your entire electrical system NEC and UL compliant. However, these are not the only devices that can be used to offer protection for all of your gear from being exposed to overcurrent. Have a look at for the latest fuses available.

There are several reasons to use fuses instead of other options for overcurrent protection.


Fuse Box for HomeOvercurrent protective devices often trip, and they are not always diagnosed as to what caused the fault before they are reset.

Electromechanical gear and devices often do not have the capacity to safely open when other faults occur.

When one fuse is simply replaced with another one, the protection level is not downgraded by prior faults.


When compared to other protective devices, automated fuses are the most cost effective. This is very true when there are high faults currents are located, or where there are small components like DC power supplies and Control Transformers that need added protection.


Added Protection

Protection fuseDevices and gear that have very low ratings of interruption can be rendered as being obsolete during service upgrades or when the availability of the fault current is increased.

Due to upgrades in UL and NEC standards, there is an increased need for expensive system upgrades are systems that do not have fuses.



The parts that help make up automated fuses do not move. This means that the parts do not wear out as fast as other types of protective devices. Another bonus is that the fuses do not become contaminated by substances such as oil and dust.



Automated fuses are designed to be used for a long time. As they get older, their response time does not slow down and it will not change. You can be assured that the fuses will be just as efficient in two years as they were when you first purchased them. This means that the fuses will not lose their ability to provide your home’s electrical system with the same level of protection over time.


Automated Fuses 1Unlike other electromechanical overcurrent devices for protection, fuses do not require much maintenance. Essentially, once the fuses are installed, they will become a ‘set it and forget it’ component in your electrical system.
Western Standards
Most of the automated fuses that are on the market is developed according to North American standards. This means they are combined with performance and maximum let thru phases. The highest let thru content, along with I2t are the two factors that are used to measure the current limitations from the fuse.

Automated fuses can help you keep circuits closed and contained. Consider fusing instead of other protective relays when protecting devices from overcurrent.

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